Last night was a great Ladysmith Black Mambazo concert.  Just for the record, their founder and still-leader has the best name ever: Bhekizizwe Joseph Siphatimandla Mxoveni Mshengu Bigboy Shabalala.  The last time I saw them, I was very little, and fell asleep up in the balcony.  This time, I was feeling ill and left a …


I’m back in Colorado.  It was a wonderful whirlwind visit east, and I think I’ll need to do that again soon… I really don’t have too much more to say now, so I’ll stop.


I’m headed East today; getting into DC at about midnight, then down into the Shenandoah valley.  Then, on Friday, up to Philly/Swat via DC.  Just so y’all know. Also, my arm is full of shots.  Well, just Hepatitis A and Yellow Fever.  Then there are Typhoid oral vaccines and antimalarials to take.  That’ll be fun…

Become a fish

Scuba is totally awesome.  So, a day half spent underwater is a good day.  But there’s not much to say about a pool dive.  However, the swim test at the start caused an interesting realization. The first thing we did in the pool was the swimming test: 6 laps of the pool, constant swimming, and …

Bread and Water

Not nearly so bare-bones as it sounds.  The bread is here, and the water will be here and here and here.

Further thoughts

Two things: First, an addendum regarding Abigail Washburn and the Sparrow Quartet.  If there were an extended musical scene at Jabba’s palace in Firefly, they would be the band: the mix of Chinese and Appalachian influences makes that clear.  But also the moment of musical apotheosis when two banjos, a cello and a fiddle play …

Under the moonlight, something happens… and the race goes on

That line is a translation provided in the show I went to tonight of a song they did, in Mandarin.  This show was amazing.  The Sparrow Quartet, consisting of Casey Driessen, Ben Solee, Abigail Washburn and Béla Fleck.  Four amazing musicians on their own terms, and so tight together. Their music has all something needs …

Sushi Tora

Short version: the best sushi in Boulder, and some of the best I’ve had outside of Japan.  Of course, I’ve never been to San Francisco.

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West End Tavern

This place is great.  Totally great.  I want to write about it while it’s still in my head, but this is from a few days ago, and so may be sketchy in details.

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Pasta Jay’s

(I’ve decided that I am going to try posting restaurant reviews here, in their own category.  They’ll mostly be around Boulder, of course, but when I travel, I will try to get in reviews, too.  Here’s the first.)

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