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beyond the Kuiper Belt, over the sea

Double Dactyls

So, the Double Dactyl is a poetic form I love. Here are some written by me and my friends.

Yaziki Paziki,
Sibelan Forrester
Speaks many tongues of Sla-
Vonic descent.

Working and writing from
Zagreb to Moscow, she
Pulls in the rent.
— K. La Touche

Fiddle-dee diddle-dee,
Lucifer Morningstar,
‘Round you your comrades crash
Down from the sky.”

Angels can’t faze me—they’re
Raining down here, but they’re
Serving, on high.”
— J. Mendez Hodes

Higgledy piggledy,
Grecian philosophers,
Faced with a world full of
Trouble and strife,

Write of the formal and
Reasons for making a
Mess of your life.
— L. Van Essen-Fishman

Sheriff of Nottingham
Can’t see the forest be-
Cause of the trees.

In them are Robin Hood’s
Fiscal exchanges; the
Rich are displeased.
— S. Fried

Kalinka Kalinka,
Alexey Pajitnov’s
Foursquare tetrominoes
Fall from above,

Boosting American
Procrastination from
Russia with love.
— J. Mendez Hodes

Genesis Exodus,
Noah ben Lamech was
Charged by the Lord with a
Shipwrighting feat.

God spake, destroying the
“Yea, though I rinse, I shall
Never repeat.”
— J. Mendez Hodes

Higgledy piggledy,
Prudent Telemachus,
Watching the suitors all
Ogle his mom,

Sailed off to Pylos, but
Said, “You’ll be sorry when
Daddy gets home.”
— L. Van Essen-Fishman

Higgledy piggledy
Maximus Decimus
Falls, fights, and rises, thus
Rocking the boat.

In his imperial
Classical history’s
Stabbed in the throat.
— J. Mendez Hodes

Higgledy piggledy,
Flanders, Wallonia
Two parts of Belgium that
Never agree.

Citizens arguing
“Separate Vlaanderen
et Wallonie!”
— by K. La Touche and N. La Porte

Durpedy durpedy,
Overstressed Huntwizards
Challenge the Swatties
With monsterous glee.

Giving out many a
Pizza for free.
— by K. La Touche and N. La Porte

Bolshevik schmolshevik!
Alexei Romanov
Found that the proles were just
Not on his side.

Touring the city, some
Entered his carriage and
Ended his ride
— by K. La Touche and N. La Porte