So, the Double Dactyl is a poetic form I love. Here are some written by me and my friends.

Fiddle-dee diddle-dee,
Lucifer Morningstar,
‘Round you your comrades crash
Down from the sky.

Angels can’t faze me—they’re
Raining down here, but they’re
Serving, on high.”

— J. Mendez Hodes

Higgledy piggledy,
Grecian philosophers,
Faced with a world full of
Trouble and strife,

Write of the formal and
Reasons for making a
Mess of your life.

— L. Van Essen-Fishman

Sheriff of Nottingham
Can’t see the forest be-
Cause of the trees.

In them are Robin Hood’s
Fiscal exchanges; the
Rich are displeased.

— S. Fried

Kalinka Kalinka,
Alexey Pajitnov’s
Foursquare tetrominoes
Fall from above,

Boosting American
Procrastination from
Russia with love.

— J. Mendez Hodes

Genesis Exodus,
Noah ben Lamech was
Charged by the Lord with a
Shipwrighting feat.

God spake, destroying the
“Yea, though I rinse, I shall
Never repeat.”

— J. Mendez Hodes

Higgledy piggledy,
Prudent Telemachus,
Watching the suitors all
Ogle his mom,

Sailed off to Pylos, but
Said, “You’ll be sorry when
Daddy gets home.”

— L. Van Essen-Fishman

Higgledy piggledy
Maximus Decimus
Falls, fights, and rises, thus
Rocking the boat.

In his imperial
Classical history’s
Stabbed in the throat.

— J. Mendez Hodes

Higgledy piggledy,
Flanders, Wallonia
Two parts of Belgium that
Never agree.

Citizens arguing
“Separate Vlaanderen
et Wallonie!”

— by K. La Touche and N. La Porte

Bolshevik schmolshevik!
Alexei Romanov [Ed: Sashenka Romanov? Alex II Romanov? He was Aleksandr, not Alexei!]
Found that the proles were just
Not on his side.

Touring the city, some
Entered his carriage and
Ended his ride.

— by K. La Touche and N. La Porte

Historical footnote: the tsar in question was Alexander, not Aleksey/Alexis, which are different names. And the bomb actually landed below the carriage; after he fled the carriage, the second bomb caused the fatal injuries.

Mentary schmentary
Benedict Cumberbatch,
Known for his role as the
Baker Street Sleuth,

By undeniable
Features in fanfiction
Penned by the youth.

— by K. La Touche