Last night was a great Ladysmith Black Mambazo concert.  Just for the record, their founder and still-leader has the best name ever: Bhekizizwe Joseph Siphatimandla Mxoveni Mshengu Bigboy Shabalala.  The last time I saw them, I was very little, and fell asleep up in the balcony.  This time, I was feeling ill and left a bit early, but every moment I was at the concert was worth it.  They were filled with energy, of course, but more, they were filled with (apparent?) spontaneity.  At a certain point, one of them lifted the shirt of the guy next to him and rubbed his belly, to the other guy’s apparent shock and surprise.  That sort of thing kept happening.  At one point, the group behind Mr. Shabalala wouldn’t stop singing the baseline once he had finished the song.  It was pretty fun.

However, I’m still feeling a bit ill.  This is a particularly bad time for it, as it sort of precludes open water certification this weekend, which precludes getting that at all before Zanzibar, which is sad.  I could perhaps spend two days and get open water in Zanzibar, but… I am not holding out too much hope for that.  It’d be a lot of time in a cramped schedule.