January Thaw

So, today is my birthday. And a federal holiday. Coincidence? Yeah. But I am glad to be getting a new president for my birthday (it won’t arrive until tomorrow) and to have the day off. Today was marked (so far) by a hike up Mt. Sanitas in short sleeves, and will be marked soon by …


It’s balm for the soul. I’ve not gotten out to the contra out here until tonight, and it was well-worth it. I don’t know that I have much to say about it, besides altitude is surprising and the people were nice — I got a few chances to chat with folks. Also, they clap on petronellas …

Good Things Keep Happening

I don’t know quite what’s gotten me on this blogging binge, but I’ll keep at it as long as I have things to say.

What I have to say now concerns serendipity, and a positive attitude.  I feel that, in my life, very little happens that is bad, very little goes wrong.  In fact, there are a number of things I can think of that may have seemed like they were bad, or went wrong, but in fact turned out for the (likely) better. Continue readingGood Things Keep Happening

More on Pirahã

…which I keep wanting to type as “piranha”. A mysterious commenter known only as “X” posted a link to this abstract.  I didn’t approve the comment, as the poster was too mysterious, but the article looks interesting, though in a somewhat dubious location on the internet. However, one thing mentioned in the abstract seemed worth …


Wow, what a way to wake up.  Zero to sixty, as it were.  A guaranteed way to have me feel awake on the greyest of days is to have snow, snow and more snow coming down.


So, I am reading Dan Everett’s very interesting book Don’t Sleep, there are Snakes. His data and observations I trust very much, but his analyses are bizarre, as the following indicates: Continue readingPirahã

Elfstar accounts

So, for all those who had Elfstar accounts, and all those who might want them (bear in mind, it’s still Alpha — I hope to have an initial Beta released by the end of the month), you can sign up here.  I’ll approve the accounts as fast as I can.


Well, I figured that the death of the boot partition and subsequent recreation of Transneptune was as good a time as any to set up WPμ.  So here it is. I’m still working on getting Elfstar and such back up, but soon.  I’ll also be making a system for registering your own damn accounts, since, …