Scuba is totally awesome.  So, a day half spent underwater is a good day.  But there’s not much to say about a pool dive.  However, the swim test at the start caused an interesting realization.

The first thing we did in the pool was the swimming test: 6 laps of the pool, constant swimming, and then 10 minutes of treading.  The last time I did anything like this was about 4 years ago, during orientation at Swat, and it was a pain, but not too bad.  Now, doing it again at higher altitude, I found it… not hard.  But when I first came here and was swimming laps, I only made it up to “a whole six” after almost a month.  Here’s the realization: I could have easily done six laps then, too.  It’s not that I lack physical endurance, as I often claim I do.  It’s only that I lack mental endurance.  And when I have an external motivator, I will rise to that.

This makes me want to achieve similar results from internal motivation.  That’d be good.