There’s a song by the Roches that we often sing when visiting family in Ireland, called, appropriately enough, “Going away to Ireland Soon”.  However, this family visit is not, for a change, to Ireland.  This one is to Tanzania.

Last night I dreamt about water quality, about making sure my toothbrushing water was boiled.  I think of myself as well-traveled, but this will be my first trip to somewhere other than North America north of the Rio Grande, western Europe, or Japan.  And all those places are importantly the same: First-World.

So this will be an interesting departure.  I’ll be internet-blackout from about the 19th of this month to the 3rd of next, and will come back with pictures

I hope to make bread this weekend.  I’ve not done so in a while, and need to keep my chops up.  If it seems like I’m not going to, nudge me.