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beyond the Kuiper Belt, over the sea


February 24th, 2009 by Kit

I’m headed East today; getting into DC at about midnight, then down into the Shenandoah valley.  Then, on Friday, up to Philly/Swat via DC.  Just so y’all know.

Also, my arm is full of shots.  Well, just Hepatitis A and Yellow Fever.  Then there are Typhoid oral vaccines and antimalarials to take.  That’ll be fun…

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  • Gyro

    I’m guessing no time to hang out, then.

  • kit

    As I go through DC? I think not, yeah.

  • Elizabeth

    I thought they cleared the swamplands of DC of malaria a long time ago – you should be fine without the antimalarials.

    (where are you going, though?)

  • kit

    Tanzania! I’ve a cousin from Dar es Salaam whose 50th birthday is coming up; we’ve never visited her there, though she’s visited us, so this’ll be a great family trip. Also, planning to go diving off Zanzibar. SUPEREXCITED.

  • Elizabeth

    ! Your cousins are a lot more exciting than my cousins. Granted, I have no cousins, but if I did, I doubt they would be in Tanzania. That is awesome. I just realized that if you’re at Swat on Friday only, I probably won’t see you, so I wish you a good trip in advance!

  • Chris

    Not even lunch Friday? Lame.

  • Nicole

    Good, you will be in time for my birthday. Also, Screw, after which we are going to see Coraline.

  • kit

    Well, I won’t be at Screw, and I am not over inclined to spend time watching a movie… but cool!

  • kit

    I’m in Dulles at 11 and leaving Union Station at 1. Wanna do lunch?