The Matter of Britain

I’ve been working on a game set in Regency Britain of magicians and fairies, drawing much inspiration from Susanna Clarke’s fantastic book, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. The themes of madness and manners are so perfectly embodied in the period, with the very king himself being mad. But I’ve had a realization as I work …

The King’s Speech

I saw it tonight. Great movie. I liked the amount of period detail, for sure, but what I really liked was the fantastic structure: every act and scene and beat was just in place. A problem, a new relationship, a breaking of that relationship, an increased crisis that leads to reconciliation. A gradual escalation of …

Scott Pilgrim

I finally got around to reading the last two volumes of the comic last night. Great ending to a great comic. I just wanted to say that the “wilderness sabbatical” bit is very Yoda-esque: Scott travels far away, goes into the wild, confronts his shadow, and returns, wiser for it. But at least Luke doesn’t …

Free as in Freedom

I was catching up on This American Life today, and heard about the Brooklyn Free School. It sounds great. Having homeschooled (or possibly unschooled?) myself through high school, I like the idea of it. And then I’m confronted with taking attendance for my students, and it feels a little ridiculous.

Games Blog

So, I’ll be moving a lot of my games-related talking to, where John and Austin and occasionally Allie will be joining me in blogging about our game development thoughts and process. Follow if you’re interested, avoid if you’re not!


My birthday party was last night. Absolutely lovely. A good bunch of people from various different circles all intersecting and seeming to like each other and stick around for hours. Good food, good drink. Today, nothing to do but dishes. This is as it should be.


I’ve been home a few days now, and in NYC, and now there’s snow. Lovely. I’ve been working on one of the games; updates soon and possibly some further details. I’ve also been thinking about security and society. More on that soon.