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beyond the Kuiper Belt, over the sea


April 22nd, 2011 by Kit

Twitter is really cool. For a long time, I didn’t understand what it was for, but I’m getting an increased understanding of it. It’s kind of like a room where you can define who’s near you, and nearness is not necessarily transitive. So you can overhear conversations and join into them seamlessly, or hear when someone shouts across the room to you. It’s broadcast IM with a smooth multi-user chat transition.

On top of that, the social expectations of the site are such that talking with people you don’t know is encouraged, which just makes it great at community building, rather than Facebook’s community-recording.

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  • What a great description of twitter! I often find myself at a loss to describe it to twitter-muggles.

  • That’s an excellent description of Twitter as a social media site, however its other great strength is as an information engine. I get most of my news from Twitter these days, rather than the news.

  • True enough! But that news comes because you hear people talking about it in that big room, eh?

  • Hah, true. My comment is more a description of the results, not the actual phenomenom (shopp doo be dooby)