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March 20th, 2011 by Kit

Because I like threaded comments and good notifications, I’ve set up Disqus for this here blag. If it perturbs you, sorry. Hopefully, it’ll help people get notified when people reply to comments. You don’t need a Disqus account or anything, but if you have one, awesome.

  • Hey, since you’ve been using Disqus a little longer than I have, I’ve got a question for you. I just added Disqus to my own blog and noticed that not everyone is getting notified when there’s a reply to their comment. Have you run into this problem?

    Does this have anything to do with whether or not they have a Disqus account? I would assume everyone would be notified automatically in order to help the threaded comments feature to function properly, but maybe that was too much to hope for.

  • People have to (a) supply their email and (b) chose to subscribe, if I recall from my pre-having-an-account days. But I’ve found that the notification system does have hiccups sometimes, too.

  • yes disqus is the best option to any Webmaster !!
    All the Bets !!