Note to self: game design is great for many reasons. One reason is that you get to make a game, and then do science to it. We’ve identified a number of possible problems with the current game, and now we’re going to try to isolate them. Control! For variables!

We played a playtest session of Loom tonight, and it went well. Some issues with pacing, which Austin claims are probably just his storytelling, and these might be tied to issues with Arcs. If I were as awesome as Matt McFarland, I’d write more about the system as it currently stands, but I’m not and it’s in Sooper Seekrit mode right now, I guess, anyway. So I’ll just make oblique references, and then explain if anyone asks me. What else? Group size may be an issue—there’s a real sweet spot. Finally, we need to work out whether stakes are independent per party.

John put it well: it’s all about this issue of scope. What is the conflict about? Zoom in to the appropriate level. That is pacing.

EDIT: Due to various problems with the name Loom, it’s now called In a Dragon-Guarded Land.