I mentioned a bit ago that I played a game of Dread run by the estimable John. Having gotten the permission of the participants, and having edited out some bits like our having dinner in the middle, I now put up the three-part audio of the game. There are five participants, a bit of overlap in the three sections, and a lot of cleaning up I could do if I had time. However, instead, I’ll just put this up and hope people find it useful or at least entertaining.

[audio:http://transneptune.net/~kit/dungeons_and_dread/Dungeons-and-Dread-1.mp3] [audio:http://transneptune.net/~kit/dungeons_and_dread/Dungeons-and-Dread-2.mp3] [audio:http://transneptune.net/~kit/dungeons_and_dread/Dungeons-and-Dread-3.mp3]