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At long last

June 16th, 2009 by Kit

Well, I’ve done it: I’ve brought my concertina to the session.  And I could not have picked a better day; small, small, only three others there, and all the nicest of folks.  Two I know well, one I’ve just met.  And so, I played.  Not a tune, but a song, and it was lovely; I played well, with some minor slips, but all-in-all acquitted myself quite well.

Soon, I will get Rocky Road to Dublin down, and have a tune I can contribute.

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  • Mair

    Well done!
    Looking forward to a bit of that with you. I was listening to Liza C’s Just As The Tide Was Flowing agin yesterday. What a yummy instrumental accompaniment to that. I realize I don’t even know what the instrument is. Could be a concertina, I guess.