Lessons for a freelancer from time in an office

A year and a season ago, I took a new job, working at a small start-up in Boulder that aims to help people reduce home energy use. Last week was my last day there (I’m moving on to work with a team doing face recognition), and so I thought I’d write up some of what I learned.

This all comes from the point of view of someone who has mostly lived in a freelance mode, beginning with controlling my own schedule while I was high school age. So I’m unaccustomed to showing up at the same place regularly on someone else’s schedule. I’m unaccustomed to a lot of components of office life. And that’s exactly why I took the job in the first place. Continue readingLessons for a freelancer from time in an office

Wind and Things Unspoken

Here I am, sitting in a mostly dark room, processing thoughts on class and drama and just not talking about it inspired by watching the beginning of Downton Abbey, and the wind outside is howling. Yeah, I love fall.

My Personal Guernsey

That one goes out to all you Victor Hugo fans. I’ve found an island in the sea of job-hunting. I’m working with 3atmospheres, some nice folks out of NYC. I’m doing Django development primarily, and I’m likely to start posting some things about that here, as I work on interesting problems.