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Ups and Downs

August 12th, 2011 by Kit

I always feel like I’m on thin ice in Boulder. Things can go very well, and that’s fine, but bad news hits me harder. I feel like I have no reserves with which to meet it.

Right now, I’ve had a great up and a bit of a down, and the whole thing has me feeling down. First, the up: Gen Con was wonderful. Met many folks I had internet-known, met many new folks, sold half our stock (51 games out of 98 that we brought; apparently 20 of a new RPG is doing well, so we’re happy) and got a lot of good feedback.

And the down is that my favorite restaurant in Boulder—one of my favorite ever, anywhere—is closed for good. Himalayas always felt like home, like a place where I could get those reserves that I feel I lack here.

Maybe I’ll just end up in Toronto. Or Dublin.

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  • Oh – so sorry to hear that. It had indeed been your “steady” – and that is such a nice thing to have. So know you why it closed? Can you be of any help in that? And do you know where your favorite waiter (or was he the owner?) can be found? 

  • That’s part of the problem: no answers. I don’t know why, I don’t know how to get in touch with the (at least co-)owner.