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Ups and Downs

Friday, August 12th, 2011

I always feel like I’m on thin ice in Boulder. Things can go very well, and that’s fine, but bad news hits me harder. I feel like I have no reserves with which to meet it.

Right now, I’ve had a great up and a bit of a down, and the whole thing has me feeling down. First, the up: Gen Con was wonderful. Met many folks I had internet-known, met many new folks, sold half our stock (51 games out of 98 that we brought; apparently 20 of a new RPG is doing well, so we’re happy) and got a lot of good feedback.

And the down is that my favorite restaurant in Boulder—one of my favorite ever, anywhere—is closed for good. Himalayas always felt like home, like a place where I could get those reserves that I feel I lack here.

Maybe I’ll just end up in Toronto. Or Dublin.

Sometimes Fortune Smiles

Monday, November 8th, 2010

I recently, for no good reason and at no expense, won some money. This allowed me to spend tonight doing what I think is the highest calling in my life: treating friends to a good dinner. Good friends, good food, good conversation. We went to Himalayas, the best restaurant in Boulder in my estimation. We stayed a long while, talking and eating. We ended up talking with the guy who runs the place for a while, too. He gave us their chai and saag recipes, and then pointed out that they had accidentally made a double order for some takeout, and that we should take the extra.

Fortune, thank you.

(Beyond that, life has been busy—reading, writing, grading, playing.)