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So, last night, TN ground to a halt because of a failure in the backup system. Yay, I have backups. Boo, the drive they’re on died, thus failing to mount, and the backups went, due to a quirk of my backup system, to the HD with the root of the filesystem. Filled that up quickly, …

Power outages

We’ve had a lot of them. This makes TN and everything hosted on it go down. While I can’t really redress the power failures, I can make it easier to tell what the deal is. So status.transneptune.net embeds the status Twitter (@transneptune) and may provide additional info.

Server Migration

That was a bust. EveryDNS doesn’t yet support SRV records. If I’m not going to move all my services to the new server, I need support for that. So I may yet do it, but only when I can move XMPP and LDAP services over, too.

Server Migration

I am going to move the hosting of this blog to a more stable server soon. This will involve as much as a day of downtime, and then it will hopefully cut the amount of subsequent downtime significantly. With luck there’ll be no more than a half-hour break in availability, though. Keep an eye on …

Brief outage

Sorry about the downtime last night; I was messing with my networking setup. To elaborate a bit: this site and subdomains of it (Asterist, Kipilefti, Lula, the Wiki, the Jabber server) are all run off of my own server, and so when I play with the networking setup, it will disrupt the possibility of getting …


Well, I figured that the death of the boot partition and subsequent recreation of Transneptune was as good a time as any to set up WPμ.  So here it is. I’m still working on getting Elfstar and such back up, but soon.  I’ll also be making a system for registering your own damn accounts, since, …