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Holiday Frantic

December 20th, 2009 by Kit

Too much happening lately to catch up on writing about: saw Vienna Teng, awesome as ever, with Allie, awesome as ever.  Snow again, just after I made it into NYC for a quick seeing of Miles and Mendez and Lisa, and Avatar.  The movie was visually stunning, had a fine but thin story, and some real problems with portrayal of indigenous cultures.  But was basically fun.  Now, I’m working on all sorts of coding projects, and really ought to admit to myself that I have many people to buy gifts for.

Too many project ideas is a great state to be in, when you have the chance to work on them as much as you want.

Oh yeah: snow, twice, BEAUTIFUL.

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  • Simone

    Haha, Avatar. A non-Swattie random internet acquaintance on my flist wrote: “I am in love with the Na’vi, they’re beautiful to look at and I love how graceful they are and how they respect all life.” So you’re pretty much just confirming my suspicions about the indigenous culture portrayals. ^_^;;;

    Also, whoa. I just noticed that if you type a string of semicolons into the comment box, every third one is consistently different from the other two. Why? I wonder if it will show up once this is posted.

  • kit

    Just your browser. Semicolons are normal to view in comments and normal to view in comment box here.

    And … yeah, about the Na’vi. But they have a good conlang!