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Google Wave

November 26th, 2009 by Kit

Is still cool. I’ve got a pile of invites; anyone want one?

(Since people keep asking: Google Wave is not, in and of itself, anything new.  It is, rather, a beautifully conceived [though not yet quite fully implemented!] melding of existing technologies.  The tag-line version is that it is a integration of wiki, IM, email, and collaborative document editing, with line-item threaded responses and real-time typing from other users visible.  Many people balk at this last point, but it’s (a) really surprisingly useful and makes communication a lot more like, well, real conversation, and (b) eventually going to be configurable.)

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  • It really needs a stand-alone client before I’ll use it more than occasionally. Browser based stuff just doesn’t cut it for me. 😐

  • kit

    Realty? The Gmail browser client is, to my mind, fantastic. I’m quite willing to use browser-based interfaces.

  • Thomas Schratwieser

    Oh, I’m so in if you’ve got enough! I’m always one for playing around with Google’s new toys. 😀

    How are you?

  • kit

    I are well! I will send an invite soon, but if I forget, remind me.

  • molly

    This is a reminding prod to send me an invite. ::prod::

  • kit


  • zebi

    I still don’t understand what it is.

  • cara

    can I get an invite? I’m intrigued…

  • kit

    Added. It might take a while for Google to send it to you.