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A good visit

July 11th, 2009 by Kit

Too much good in today to encapsulate it here, but suffice to say that I feel like life is happening again, things are moving forward, and I saw a fox this evening, thus confirming, by the hand of Nature, that today was, unambiguously, good.

Also, does anyone in the Philly area want some kittens, at least to foster?  Friends of mine have found some, and are looking for a home for them.

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  • Lisa

    Kittens and life! 🙂

  • kit

    Is that a yes?

  • puckling

    kittens! (I don’t want any, but I’m glad they are hopefully going to a good home).

  • Lisa

    Oh, sorry. It’s more that I wish it could be yes. I’m both a bit too far out of Philly and a bit too landlord-encumbered to take a litter of kittens. I do know of foster groups in the Philly area your friends could try though it’s kitten season so it might be more difficult than otherwise. Sorry to mislead!