It’s a wonderful thing.  I stood the other night up to my knees in water, with Allie, for a good long while talking as the sun set.  We saw a shiba-inu.  If I ever were to get a dog, that’d be the breed.  Also, Princeton is a pretty great town, and I miss it.

Tonight, Chris came over and there was music and cooking and computer-talk.  The meal is worth recounting: it was a fruit-based almost-stir-fry.  Apples, peaches, clementines, around onion, garlic, ginger, cardamom, pine nuts, cinnamon, and all tied together with coconut milk, and underlined by habaneros.  Delightful.  Served over couscous.  Oh, also, sultanas and dried cranberries.

One thing Chris was sure to point out: habaneros are the necessary choice of pepper for this, as they have a real time-delayed effect.  This allows the sweetness of the fruit to be enjoyed, and then the spiciness to hit you.