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beyond the Kuiper Belt, over the sea

Brain Dump

June 15th, 2009 by Kit

I finally finished Silas Marner; pleasantly written, but thin.  Not much there there.

I made great spanakopita this weekend, and biked, and hiked, and played frisbee.  I was productive, too—I achieved in 2 hours what would have likely taken me a day to a day and a half had I been in the office.  This is consistent.

I was sent this link, which made my day.

I played concertina, I sang.  I began to learn a new song, Farewell to Nova Scotia.

And yet, I still feel the pull of the East as strong as ever.

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  • tuppyr

    oddly, sir, just yesterday i was looking for voyageur-type songs on the internet and ran across that one. don’t suppose you know where i can find others?

    p.s. east…eeeeaaast….