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Air Quality

January 23rd, 2009 by Kit

I don’t have too much to say here, but I wanted to mention that the air quality in Boulder is surprisingly bad, or I’m really spoiled.  It smells like London sometimes.  While that’s nice and nostalgic, that’s not what I expect from such a small bike-and-pedestrian friendly city renowned for its hippy attitudes.  Of course, that’s not even getting to the nauseating (to me, anyway) smell of pot that sometimes wafts down Pearl Street.

Give me a pristine mountaintop or something.  Geez.

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  • Gyro

    Are there any other places upwind that could be contributing? Or is it all the fault of those dirty, dirty hippies?

  • puckling

    Someone on my hall is burning incense. I can’t smell it in my room, but she and I might have to have a talk if it that does happen.

    Also, WTF Boulder, WTF?

  • kit

    Contributing to which part?