Oh-my-zsh, virtualenvwrapper plugin, errors when you cd

(Because a few people have been having this problem.) Have you recently updated oh-my-zsh on your OS X install? Do you use the virtualenvwrapper plugin? Are you seeing “workon_cwd:6: command not found: realpath” whenever you try to cd? There’s a simple fix: brew install coreutils. That will provide the realpath command.

Lessons for a freelancer from time in an office

A year and a season ago, I took a new job, working at a small start-up in Boulder that aims to help people reduce home energy use. Last week was my last day there (I’m moving on to work with a team doing face recognition), and so I thought I’d write up some of what I learned.

This all comes from the point of view of someone who has mostly lived in a freelance mode, beginning with controlling my own schedule while I was high school age. So I’m unaccustomed to showing up at the same place regularly on someone else’s schedule. I’m unaccustomed to a lot of components of office life. And that’s exactly why I took the job in the first place. Continue readingLessons for a freelancer from time in an office

Git Shortcuts

I talked about how I use git. Let me talk about how I actually use it. I have an extensive [alias] section in my .gitconfig. Any sufficiently frequently used command gets abbreviated to two (or occasionally three) characters. st = status ci = commit co = checkout cob = checkout -b di = diff amend = …

How I git

Git is not a version control tool, right? It’s a graph-manipulation tool that you can use to support version control methodologies. So this is how I use git to practice version control. I’m going to be very explicit throughout this, using long forms of git flags and commands, and avoiding many shortcuts that I actually …


So, John recently showed me this cool service, Foward. They are useful for two main things: showing off your development on localhost to people on the other side of the NAT, and developing on localhost with calls to external services that need to then call you back. Basically, it’s just a reverse proxy. So, without …


Wow, so it turns out I do write a lot, about thoughts and analyses and impressions and responses, but that’s all going on over on G+ lately. Something about the medium works. Less metadata, better commenting community. No expectations that posts are fully developed, so they end up being, well, fully developed, because I can …

Wind and Things Unspoken

Here I am, sitting in a mostly dark room, processing thoughts on class and drama and just not talking about it inspired by watching the beginning of Downton Abbey, and the wind outside is howling. Yeah, I love fall.