I don’t know quite what’s gotten me on this blogging binge, but I’ll keep at it as long as I have things to say.

What I have to say now concerns serendipity, and a positive attitude.  I feel that, in my life, very little happens that is bad, very little goes wrong.  In fact, there are a number of things I can think of that may have seemed like they were bad, or went wrong, but in fact turned out for the (likely) better.

For example, I met my first girlfriend through a bureaucratic mis-placement (of both of us, I believe).  And I got this job because of my CS major which was only possible because a summer program in Japan didn’t teach me as much Japanese as I had expected, and I couldn’t skip all of Second Year Japanese.  Things like that.

The most recent was this: I had resolved (but not Made a Resolution) to dance more this year, and to that end had asked my super awesome neighbors of win, Mike and Erika, when the Scandi dances they play for were happening.  It turns out they’re every Monday, but that they start with an hour of teaching at 7:30, not 8:30 as I thought.  So I arrived, and was quite lost — Scandi dances are harder to jump into than Contra dances because (a) they are couple, not social, dances*, and (b) I have never done them before.  However!  It turned out to be great — I got to spend the time watching, observing, talking with people there, and not freaking out that I was doing it wrong.  So I have some groundwork now to start from, when I go next week in time for the teaching.

In other news, I have pictures of the snow.

* I know I am using these terms sort of incorrectly, but it’s how I think of the difference.