Roleplaying Books

Sadly, this post is not about a game in which you play ancient tomes or cheap paperbacks. Though I have played an ex-book in a game before. No, this is just a quick observation that my FLGS has fewer RPGs than the nearest Borders, though of course a similarly DnD-heavy selection. But, curiously, both have …

Roleplaying advice

John over at The Mighty Atom has some good advice.  Reproduced here: Connected: The character has relationships (positive and negative) with other significant characters in the situation. Committed: The character has a stake in the outcome of the situation, and will stay to see it through. Capable: The character has the capacity to affect change …

Games, Culture, Mind Altering Substances

In that sense, you suggest that gaming, in fact, pops up everywhere. There’s a lot of stigmatism around the idea that you might sit at home alone playing a computer game—or blogging—or that you might go out to an internet café and play a game with your friends, as if there’s something socially wrong with you; but if you go down to the pub for a game of pool, that’s the height of sociability. That’s the right kind of gaming. So only specific types of games are stigmatized, and only specific types of play have been rewarded.

BLDGBLOG interview with Jim Rossignol

So. It’s fairly well-reported that every culture has its approved mind-altering substances and its disapproved ones.  Anywhere you are, there’ll be at least alcohol, and quite possibly a plethora of local flora (and sometimes fauna) capable of putting one quite out of one’s senses.  And some of them are OK, and some of them are not, depending what culture you’re in. Continue readingGames, Culture, Mind Altering Substances

Elfstar accounts

So, for all those who had Elfstar accounts, and all those who might want them (bear in mind, it’s still Alpha — I hope to have an initial Beta released by the end of the month), you can sign up here.  I’ll approve the accounts as fast as I can.