Oh, hi, what’s this doing here? I feel like I should blow the dust off this blog.

A lot of things have supplanted my writing here: most of my writing has been about game design, most of my thinking about life has been in discussions with the lovely Allie, and a lot of my energy has been devoted to job-searching.

The job hunt is interesting. Definitely harder than when I graduated. I think that’s partly because of where the economic climate has gone, and partly because of where I seem to be positioned at this point: I keep getting comments along the lines of “we actually think you’d be great in our R&D/data modeling/labs, but they’re not hiring at the moment”, when I’m applying for straight-up software developer positions. I think that the computational linguistics makes me come across much more like that. Maybe I should work on emphasizing my web development experience.

Right now, I’m willing to look anywhere—I have an urge to peregrination—but if you have job leads in the web development direction (or, frankly, in the direction of machine learning and natural language processing!) in New York or the Bay area, let me know!

But for all that, I’m really glad of the serpentine path I’ve taken. I don’t regret a step of it right now. Even as I’m feeling professionally stymied, I’ve gained emotional and aesthetic experiences that I would not trade. I’ve had a glimpse of what I value most in life, and what I want work to exist to support. It’s pretty great.

And man. I’ve published a game. When did that happen? Can it happen again?