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Free as in Freedom

January 25th, 2011 by Kit

I was catching up on This American Life today, and heard about the Brooklyn Free School. It sounds great. Having homeschooled (or possibly unschooled?) myself through high school, I like the idea of it.

And then I’m confronted with taking attendance for my students, and it feels a little ridiculous.

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  • Bryce

    Somewhat reminiscent of my mom’s high school:,_Michigan)

  • mair

    curious: BFS…. looks interesting. I definitely would have checked it out and yet there is something quite satisfying about forging the path ones’ self, no?

    Why not have your students check themselves in? Like think up some sort of workable thing they can do themselves….

  • Rio

    I wasn’t particularly enamored of the BFS approach. It seemed like a lesson in needless bureaucracy and hinders the possibility for more structure in times when structure is needed, like learning key topics that make a difference later on.