Tonight, John ran a game of Dread. He nailed it. We nailed it. And we recorded it.

The audio quality isn’t the best—we were operating off my computer’s internal mic. But we got the whole game, and most of our post-mortem (an apt choice of words when the game is Dread). I’m gonna clean up the audio a bit and cut out the bit where we have dinner in the middle, and then, with the permission of the participants and the CU IRB*, post it.

The conceit of the game was that we were playing a bunch of roleplayers—and the border between our characters’ real lives and our characters’ characters began to break down when we went down the rabbit hole, as it were. The whole thing was a bit of an Alice story, but with more fear-for-your-life thrown in. The drums in the deep were constantly pounding in our ears. I’ll avoid spoilers until I’ve gotten the audio cleaned and transcribed.

* I originally intended to record this session to get discourse data for use in a class I’m taking. As such, the IRB gets to have a say.