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beyond the Kuiper Belt, over the sea


September 5th, 2010 by Kit

The semester is going well so far—classes that fill my head with ideas, questions, and new perspectives. TAing is good so far—running a classroom ain’t so bad, and can even be kinda fun. I have a social world, too, seeing people I knew last time I was out here, and meeting new people, too.

Yet. I long for Toronto, Stromness, Dublin, Machiasport. I long for places I’ve never been—St. John’s, Reykjavik, Halifax. I long to see the north Atlantic with a steel-grey sky above it, threatening storm. I long to sit by the window and drink tea, debating whether I should walk out into the wind and watch the weather come in, holding myself tight against the chill.

That makes the warmth and the music and friends all the sweeter.


  • david Digges La Touche

    You big romantic. Although you’ve never been to Halifax, you have driven through St John’s, (it was smaller than you’d think) cramped in the back seat of a Ford pickup truck,…and you’ve been through Mabou Mines and Margary Harbor, steeped in the north Atlantic and Scottish fiddle tunes.

  • kit

    I meant St. John’s in Newfoundland. But yes—Mabou, and Margaree Harbor! Oh, Cape Breton, how I long for it.

  • mair

    Sitting by the open screenless window this morning, reading. The day is clear, sweet and mild, and although completely different from the grey rainthreatened kind, the breeze once again reminds me of the Block. I’m thinking I need to get there with you all. Yes?

  • My life is devoted to building community ‘here’, but yes, I dream of traveling. And even more intensely right now, the contemplation of solitude. How do I balance all these conflicting longings? I know I haven’t, yet.