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beyond the Kuiper Belt, over the sea


November 13th, 2009 by Kit


  • Awesome research happening here; chances to do grammar induction with sparse data, or, more accurately, work on it.
  • They sure have funding.


  • Beautiful lawns with no one on them.
  • Feels like southern California.
  • Definitely exclusive; will my patent application make up for my lack of published work?

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  • Blake

    What kind of patent do you have?

  • Mair

    Yoipes. Would a grad app really be expected to be published?
    Do the lawns have “Do not Step on Grass” signs ?

  • Elizabeth

    Are you applying to Stanford linguistics? Or another program?

    Because I assure you, if it’s linguistics you do not need to have published. A conference presentation helps, but out of the people that I know who got in to every top program (I know four or five people like this and only one had even a conference presentation publication. And she is currently doing a double PhD in linguistics and brain and cog sci at MIT and is sort of an anomaly.)

    Enjoy Stanford! did you meet chris potts?

  • kit

    Application, not patent yet. It’s for a kind of predictive text input.

  • kit

    Linguistics, yes. That’s good to hear. And no, I didn’t. But I met Dan Jurafsky!

  • kit

    So they tell me. And the lawns have no signs!