I am here at Swarthmore, doing some work for Professor K. David Harrison.  It’s fun work, and going well—which is always profoundly satisfying when dealing with programming—but that’s not quite what I’m thinking about.  More interesting to me is that this is the first time I’ve been back on campus not explicitly for a social visit.  In fact, the campus is nearly void of people I know, or at least seems so, after the social busyness of senior year and the fact that every visit in this past year has been filled with other people from my year visiting too, and all of our various friends in 2009 being on campus.  I know relatively few people in 2010.

It’s interesting.  Kinda satisfying.  There are things I like about this place independent of the people, but I can also feel free from it.  I will mull over these thoughts more.  Unsure of them yet.