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“All the words in the world”

August 5th, 2009 by Kit

This is kind of hilariously misguided, I think.

Also: moving east in two weeks.  Looking forward to seeing folks.

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  • Simone

    East? How far east? In the short term, I suppose we’ll be switching places, as I’m headed home for a respite, but in the long term, huzzah!

    Speaking of “all the words in the world,” here’s a conversation c/o my mother.

    Her: Huzzah!
    Doctor on her shift: Wow, you speak Armenian?

  • kit

    Interesting note: there is evidence that “huzzah” is the native English form of “hurray”, and “hurray” was borrowed from Danish.

  • Geroge

    Misguided like wordnet? Surely not as bad as wordnet? I really don’t see why this is bad, I love giant datasets of words.

  • kit

    No, not as misguided as Wordnet, but misguided particularly in that it is not “all the words in English”, but “all the words in the world.” I … think that they’re underestimating that task. Massively.

  • Elizabeth

    Are you moving-moving? And where to?

  • kit

    Moving-moving to the Philly area; towards that beacon of Swatties known as “West-Philly” particularly. Details to be sorted out later. Offer not valid in all states.

  • Ben

    Oh goodness I hope I can visit soon. Are you still with Rosetta there?

  • kit

    I am here with Rosetta for another week. Come soon!

  • Elizabeth

    that’s exciting!