One of the best things I learned from my dad, that.  When estimating how long something will take, remember that just because an action is simple, does not mean it takes no time.  This weekend, I got a degree better at estimating how long various coding tasks would take me.  It felt good.

Mostly, this past week has been a great trip back east, for Miranda’s graduation and seeing lots of friends in the Swarthmore area.  I also had some time in Rosemont, just being at home and enjoying the rain.  It was refreshing, and continues to make me want to be back east.

The Front Range has been having some extreme weather lately!  Flying back last night (yay 4 hour delayed flight…) we passed, for a good 10 or 15 minutes, a massive thunderhead with constant flashes of lightning in it.  It was terrifying, but truly beautiful.  It seemed otherworldly.  I learned later that there had been baseball-sized hail and tornadoes attached to that storm.

I would swear I had a point to this post when I started it, but it’s quite escaped me.  It might have to do with my still-pervasive desire to work for myself (or at least on a flexible, I-can-do-errands-in-mid-day schedule—I was so productive this past week, and I think it was mostly due to being able to work and be distracted in intense, alternating bursts.  Or perhaps it has to do with the various ways in which Burke’s latest resonates with me.

Oh yes!  Perhaps I meant to mention that I signed my first patent application today.  Exciting, but I have very mixed feelings about software patents.