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Vienna and Athens

May 3rd, 2009 by Kit

A friend of mine went to school in Hong Kong with someone named Athens FitzCheung (correct me on this, Karen?).  This name is awesome.  It only recently struck me that Vienna Teng has a surprisingly similar name.

More to the point, Austin and I saw her live tonight, at the etown taping at the Boulder Theater.  She is more amazing than anticipated: pretty, socially conscious, really smart, and most of all astoundingly talented.  With versatility like you’ve not seen in a long time.  She went from classically-informed current singer/songwriter to “didn’t Alan Lomax record this?” in a moment.

Bottom line: check her out.

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  • puckling

    Athens FitzCheung = Best name ever. EVER.

  • Karen

    Yup. Nice guy, still have him as a Facebook friend!

  • Chris


  • Ben

    That’s a lot of cultures to fit into a name that’s not only not unreasonably long, but actually short.

  • kit

    It’s true.

    Of course, full disclosure: Vienna Teng is just her stagename, so Athens wins hands down.

  • Mair

    so cool you took in the etown! I really thought it was a very decent radio show (driving across Oklahoma or wherever it was we caught it )

  • Kit

    It was pretty cool, really. I’m totally glad I went.

  • Hollis

    Yep, she’s great!