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beyond the Kuiper Belt, over the sea


April 17th, 2009 by Kit

I love the weather here; the snow has been coming down all day, and it’s magical outside.  I could deal with a lovely long winter, I think; though this has had days like hiking in a t-shirt on my birthday (January 19) and an interlude in Africa…

Speaking of which, I hope people have liked the pictures.  I have little more to say about the trip, despite having given a slideshow of it to my coworkers today.  It’s more a collection of little observations than a narrative.  However, one observation I’ve consistently forgotten to mention, and which I want to not forget, is the practice of the people who walk along the street selling things: they make a sort of kissing noise, or rattle a bunch of coins together in their hands, both in a distinctive fashion that’s hard to convey in words.  That’s half of it; the other thing they do is speak in a way that my inner phonetician would love to study, when hawking their wares—it’s with a constricted vocal tract, particularly the larynx, it sounds like, and at a lower pitch than normal speech.

In other news, Rosetta Stone had its IPO the other day; pretty exciting, but also kinda ugly-feeling.  I can’t figure out quite what I mean, but I think it’s basically that I dislike the stock market and things connected to it; it just feels vacuous.  On the other hand, we got to start the day at work with donuts and champagne, which was hilarious.

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