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Concentrated coolness

January 26th, 2009 by Kit

One quick note before I go to bed: I have just discovered that one of my idols, C.J. Cherryh* is on the board of the Foundation for Endangered Languages, the product of a near-idol of mine, Nicholas Ostler. And, of course, it is not just the conjunction of two people of Coolness, but also that they overlap in the domain of endangered language activism. Too much for me to handle!

Also worth noting, all of them have rather outdated-looking sites, except Ostler, for whom I cannot find a personal site at all.

* Cherryh is actually responsible for my interest in linguistics. Lon story short, her introductory Latin lessons caused me to act on my passive earlier interest in Latin, which in turn got me interested in making up languages, which in turn got me interested in seeing how human language actually worked. And here I am today.

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  • Eleanor

    Oh! People I know are getting freaked out about the 20-years-late sequel to Cyteen. Mostly they’re afraid to read it because WHAT IF SHE MESSES IT UP?

    Have you read it yourself? I imagine that every Cherryh fan has read Cyteen.

  • Lisa

    (On a related note, I didn’t get much sleep but it was worth it!)

  • kit

    I’ve most certainly read Cyteen, but not the sequel; it was hearing about it that got me on a nostalgic browsing of her site. Also, I have every confidence that she will not mess it up.