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Jabber Connectivity Problems

Friday, January 30th, 2009

For anyone trying to connnect to any of the Jabber rooms on Transneptune, there appear to be some issues concerning GTalk at the moment.  The short of it is that GTalk will currently not show messages from an entity unless you are subscribed to that entity, which is fine for individuals, but when trying to use a chatroom, breaks.  So GTalk users can connect to the room, and send messages to it, but cannot receive messages back.

Until this is resolved (which may require action on Google’s part; I’m still investigating), just connect with your Transneptune account if you want to use the chats.

Brief outage

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009

Sorry about the downtime last night; I was messing with my networking setup. To elaborate a bit: this site and subdomains of it (Asterist, Kipilefti, Lula, the Wiki, the Jabber server) are all run off of my own server, and so when I play with the networking setup, it will disrupt the possibility of getting here.

For those who are interested, if the site seems unreachable, you can always check the status page.  Yes, it’s Twitter.  I figured they’d be up when I’m not (though, really, their uptime is not so great, I suppose).  But it seemed an easy way to just give succinct status updates.