Superb yarring tonight:

We’re on a long Gold Hoarders voyage, and we have a ship full of loot. Last stop is a riddle at Devil’s Ridge, which we’ve avoided because we saw a sloop parked there and we wanted to avoid trouble, for the now. But there’s nothing for it, we wanna wrap up this voyage and that sloop’s still there.

We get close and see that it’s undecorated except for the Sea Dog sails. That is, it looks pretty newbish. We figure it’s not worth antagonizing someone new to the game, we’re not gonna just sink ‘em and make ‘em have a bad day. So we coast in to the shore around the corner, just out of sight, thinking to do our riddle quietly and only fight if we gotta.

But then, we see something no pirate can resist: a rowboat, sitting in the water, glinting full of chests. We’re coasting to a stop, and Stras says “I’m going in!”, jumps overboard, and I cut our old rowboat loose. He rows it in, docks, and shouts “Go go go!” and we do, booking it to Ancient Spire Outpost to sell all our ill-gotten gains. As we pull away I hear someone hot-mic’ing “Wait, where’d the treasure boat go?”

We roar in to Ancient Spire, and sell sell sell as quick as we can. Then we change all out ship livery in case he spotted us, go full Parrot gear, and decide to sail back—after all, we still have that riddle to do. On the way we get hit by the Kraken and defeat it in record time, getting no loot in the process, but it’s all good.

We pull up towards the island and he’s pulling away, having presumably decided to go elsewhere for more loot. But he gets tagged by a Megalodon, and is tearing towards us with the beast in tow, and so I shout over the speaking trumpet: “Yo, want some help?” He screams “yes” and we do so, as he hoists the alliance flag and we make it official. We engage in a two-sloop Megalodon hunt, until he jumps over to our boat saying he’d rather take his chances with us than with the Megalodon. So the three of us defeat the meg while his boat sinks. When it’s all over, I ask “How’s your sailing?” and he says “Pretty good, but I just got robbed ten minutes ago. Lost like seven chests.” Say I, “Yeah, that happens. It is Sea of Thieves.”

Epilogue: we sold a bunch of loot with the alliance still formed, probably enough to about make back what he lost from the chests.