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First Day

August 23rd, 2010 by Kit

I’ve never understood the Quaker use of First Day for Sunday. It makes sense only if Saturday is your sabbath—He rested on the seventh day, right?

However, that’s utterly irrelevant to what I intend to write. Today was the first day of my real graduate student career. I had a TA meeting and attended the lecture for the course I’m TAing. Bhuvana gave a nice lecture, for introductory linguistics, and I observed it, I realized, with a different eye.

The material is all well-known to me. So rather than being focused on ideas and concepts, I focused on the structure of the lecture, and the projected structure of the semester. I began to have thoughts about how I might, someday, teach an introductory linguistics lecture. I began to see this as an apprenticeship. I have had four (well, more than that—seven?) years of seeing college teaching from the student’s point of view. Now, I get to see it from a semi-teacher’s point of view.

So, I’m inaugurating a new category for posts: teaching. Linguistics, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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  • Chris

    I don’t know a lot about why Christians worship on Sunday instead of Saturday in general, though WP suggests it has something to do with the resurrection.

    I think as applied to Quakerism the only addition is plain nomenclature that doesn’t invoke the names of celestial bodies or pagan gods.

  • kit

    No, the use of “first” is fine; I’m just saying that the cycle seems offset.

  • Chris

    Well, a quick glance at WP suggests that it was common among 17th Century Christians. You know, like Quakers. 😛

  • Ben N

    My understanding, admittedly second-hand, has always been that Christianity linked its day of rest to the resurrection with the explicit knowledge (and perhaps intent) that this offset it from the Jewish Sabbath identified with the seventh day of creation.

  • kit

    So they’re not sabbathing with God, then? What the hell are they doing? Seriously.

  • Chris

    Celebrating the resurrection? Shrug.

  • mair

    I think more than the resurrection there was the very real need to be Other Than – as in different from what them there jews is doin’.

  • Chris

    Oh, I don’t disagree with that at all, I’m just perplexed that Kit seems so shocked.

    Back at Swat, learning about the speed, deliberateness, and mutuality of the divergence between the two religions was definitely an eye-opener for me.