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Doubly Good

January 29th, 2009 by Kit

Yesterday was good in many, many ways.  Primarily, I attended a talk at UC Boulder by Adele Goldberg, which was excellent.  She argued clearly, presented an interesting but convincing account of the facts observed in her studies (hear that, Chomsky?  Real data!) and also presented a theory that seemed maybe, just maybe, implementable in the context of Machine Learning.  This is all good.

Further, though, I got to have a bit of a talk with Leah, whom I’ve not talked with in too long, and also, finally, saw a red fox here—actually, two!  That is what I call an evening.

If I didn’t have to head off to work shortly, I’d write more.  Ask me about any of these things, and I’ll gladly elaborate.

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  • Eleanor

    How dare you say that Chomsky needs any data beside what’s in his own head as a native speaker of the English language!


  • kit

    I know that’s meant in jest, but thin ice lady!

    I am so ready to throttle Chomsky. The “there are no data” comment has just been gnawing away at me. That, and his repeatedly broken theories.

  • Mair

    Kitsune! not just one but TWO. They heard you taking the day before, for sure.