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How many countries?

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Waiting in SFO at 4:40am on a rainy Wednesday, I see a billboard: Verizon advertising service in Mexico and 220 other countries. Aside from the weirdness of this claim given that they are a CDMA network and the world is GSM, so their phones won’t work in other countries, what 221 countries are they thinking of? There are 203 sovereign states in the world, according to the internet.

San Francisco

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Lightning trip to SF for a job interview. This is a truly wonderful city; it has what I like about NYC, offset with a certain undefinable Pacificness.

The company makes browser-based games, particularly Facebook games. (remember when it was The Facebook? Yeah.) I’m particularly curious about their game design process; I can code, sure, but with the years I’ve put into thoughts about gameplay and setting design, I’d like to get to try my hand at that, too. It has been implied that I might. We’ll see. Updates as I have them.

Oh, also: Facebook as medium for ARGs? How do you, should you, monetize that? Molly, we should talk about this.


Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Blogging is hard. I forget to do it.

So let’s see. Spring is happening—cleaning, enjoying the air, enjoying the light. I’m looking for jobs, but also thinking about how feasible it would be to freelance. The issue is finding enough work, as always. But I think I can do it. If anyone wants web apps or other things developed, hey, I’m game.

And I dance, and I sing. I don’t play enough music. I see friends, and I plan a trip to Ireland in May. That’ll be good. I look forward to seeing friends. I’ve been contemplating the reduction in my wanderlust. I think it’s basically that I don’t want to go anywhere but These Isles, and maybe Canada. I need North. I don’t want to go to these warm places where the air is full of spices. I want to go places where the wind whips over the North Atlantic and the light is clear and silver, and then the sky is filled with slugging grey clouds and the air is filled with drizzle.

And my thoughts, my mental life? Awakening from hibernation. Thinking about what I can do that is useful to the world, and interesting to me. Wondering how making a living fits into that.

Power outages

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

We’ve had a lot of them. This makes TN and everything hosted on it go down. While I can’t really redress the power failures, I can make it easier to tell what the deal is. So embeds the status Twitter (@transneptune) and may provide additional info.