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Poison Ivy

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

I got my first case of poison ivy ever the other day.  It’s been quite interesting; it’s all over my leg, due to my not realizing that there was a bit of P.I. leaf stuck in my pants leg for a lot of the day.  It’s a very mild reaction, just small and rash-like, and barely itching—that is, it itches, but no worse than a random something-brushed-against-your-leg itch you might otherwise have.  Yet it’s frustrating, because I’m trying very hard to keep from scratching it.  In any case, Tecnu has been doing good things for it.

So much to do.  It’s good.


Thursday, September 10th, 2009

I am going far in the other direction, into activity almost more than thought.  It’s refreshing to be back east, to be home, to see familiar locations with new eyes.  I’ve been making progress on my primary project (grad school applications), and my quaternary project (figuring out what to do with all my stuff, particularly stuff from my Boulder apartment).  My secondary (travel plans) and tertiary (making my various webapps) are a bit stalled right now.  This will change.

One common train of thought for me has been quite absent: food.  To those in NYC that I was going to give cooking lessons to, worry not, I still want to.  But my ability to think about food has been quite sapped since leaving Boulder, for better or worse.  I find all I want is a handful of nuts or berries, water, the occasional bit of meat.  I should try making pemmican, and turn this lack-of-food into something productive.

Beyond that, I want to move, walk, dance, fence, something.  I’ve been doing a lot of hauling-boxes, which is not the most satisfying form of activity.  Still struggling with nocturnal inclinations—it’s nice to hang out with friends, but I feel weirdly bad about being asleep through the day.  The empty night-streets are lovely, though.

More east-coast travel needs to happen.  I’ve made it to Philly lately, but I need more of that, and then there are the other cities: NYC, Boston, Toronto, DC.  To all those I owe a visit: sorry, I’m working on it.

When your content is too sparse to inspire a title, you know you have a problem

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

I just wanted to say that I’ve taken the GREs, and now am free to work on grad school apps and plan my Grand Travel Plans and go on an orgy of visiting folks and being super-social.  It’s good.  My mind is freed.