I’m there again.  Sick, again, of being here.  I’m enjoying Austin being here, but I know he’ll be leaving and, frankly, I want to leave with him.  There are a lot of things that go into this.  One which I know is contributing to my foul mood, but which I think I should discount, is …

And again

More snow when I woke up this morning.  It’s getting ridiculous. Also, life is happening, but I’ll post about it later, when I have interesting things to say.


I love the weather here; the snow has been coming down all day, and it’s magical outside.  I could deal with a lovely long winter, I think; though this has had days like hiking in a t-shirt on my birthday (January 19) and an interlude in Africa… Speaking of which, I hope people have liked …


Ugh, I’ve been meaning to write about Tanzania, but I just don’t know how.  It doesn’t seem to lend itself to narrative very well.  One thing I have been telling people, a highlight of the trip, was staying with a retired Tanzanian general with whom I am somehow related (getting euro-interpretable kinship terms from Tanzanians …


I returned from Africa a few days ago.  The shift from Tanzanian heat and humidity to snow on the streets of Boulder was jarring, but pleasant.  I’ll post about the trip over the next few days, when I get on top of all the busy-ness again. Also, pictures forthcoming.