That line is a translation provided in the show I went to tonight of a song they did, in Mandarin.  This show was amazing.  The Sparrow Quartet, consisting of Casey Driessen, Ben Solee, Abigail Washburn and Béla Fleck.  Four amazing musicians on their own terms, and so tight together.

The Sparrow Quartet in action

Their music has all something needs and more: it has the old, the ancient, the modern, and the future.  A song inspired by making a mashup of Turandot and Woody Guthrie songs, bluegrassy Chinese and, in one case, Kazakh songs.  It would be inspiring if it were just done alright, but it is done so well.

There was one thing before the show that was a bit distressing, though: three police officers subduing a woman, and really hog-tying her, then putting a bag on her head before taking her off.  We didn’t see the cause, but those ahead of us in line told us that she had apparently been in a bit of a brawl with some young guys who were also at the scene; it had stopped, and then, apparently unprovoked, she had rushed one of them and knocked him over.  I am unsure that the police response was quite commensurate, though…